Fine Art and Decay
    Fine Art and Decay
    Derelict Building | Home made Tutu| An Awesome Hat | Lots of Graffiti

    I had been desperate do a location shoot and due to the wonderful English weather the location was moved at the last minute which actually worked out very well.  Andy Nightingale had wanted to shoot in a derelict building he knew of and despite the fact that is was mid December I grabbed my home made tutu and decided to go for it, cold and rain be damned.

    Fine Art and Decay is the name of what is probably my favourite image in this shoot and the one that I was most nervous about posting.  It’s pretty obvious that I have no kind of dance or ballet training but the beauty of ballet is undeniable and I love the contrast between the decay the building and the elegance of the outfits.

    Fine Art and Decay

    ballet, doorway, graffiti, pink hair, half corset, tutu

    Inspector Clouseau at Your Service

    coat, graffiti, pink hair, trilby,


    trilby, pink hair, Headshot,

    Who's That?

    pink hair, graffiti, red lips, Headshot,

    Beauty Born of Deriliction

    tutu, pink hair, half corset, graffiti

    Patiently Waiting at the Oasis

    brunette, headscarf, red headscarf, headshot

    I've Been Waiting

    pink hair, Headshot,

    What's He Up To?

    trilby, headshot, coat


    tutu, pink hair

    Day Dreaming

    pink hair, headshot

    Yes Sir

    trilby, coat, pink hair, headshot

    Photography by A L Nightingale

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