Diversity in Feminism
    Diversity in Feminism
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    I was lucky enough to be part of the Diversity in Feminism photo project which was put together by the amazing Julia O’Regan.

    Julia asked us to pick something we felt strongly about and for me it was all about body image, confused?  Just Google the stats on eating disorders and body shaming, though both men and women are targeted the number are heavily skewed.

    We we also asked to choose a quote that reflected our on perspective on feminism.  Mine came from the amazing Joss Whedon because

    1. its an amazing quote
    2. I’m a massive Geek 😉

    End Fat Shaming

    Bulimia. Anorexia. Over Eating Disorder. End Fat Shaming

    End Fat Shaming

    Bulimia. Anorexia. Over Eating Disorder. End Fat Shaming

    Insperational Quote

    feminist quote

    Body Shape, Awesome!

    body shape, fat shaming, body image

    Off the shoulder

    headshots, pink hair


    pink hair, heashots

    Since posting these pics a few people have asked me why I have done them and why I picked this particular theme. The answer is pretty simple. Fat shaming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. And eating disorders are something I have struggled with since high school.

    In my teens I tried to avoid eating, in my early twenty’s I started to over eat and by my late twenty’s I was bulimic.

    Have someone point out your weight gain the second it happens makes you very self-conscious. Comments such a “did you gain weight?”, “Wow you’re getting a belly”, “That skirt makes your stomach stick out” and ”You used to be hot when you were thin” have the potential to cause a lot of harm even if they were not meant to.

    Fat shaming doesn’t encourage people to lose weight, it doesn’t motivate, and it doesn’t help. Fat shaming makes matters much worse, it makes you feel ugly and worthless and for people like me, we often find that the only relief is to reach for the junk food and temporarily drown our sorrows in that wonderful rush of endorphins that foods like chocolate give us.

    If you truly want to help then don’t tell someone they are fat or need to lose weight, tell them that they are beautiful, tell them they matter, tell them how much you like/love/respect them, make them feel like they matter.

    From Diversity in Feminism Julia O’Regan
    Photography by Steve Haywood
    Makeup by Gaelle Mokoy

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