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    BTS – Angel In The Underground Photoshoot

    Zariel / March 31, 2016 / Behind The Scenes, Modelling

    After a forum post about me making the mistake of having a couple of glasses of wine then going onto eBay (Alcohol and eBay…) I was contacted by a photographer, who for some unknown reason found me amusing.

    We set up a shoot for while I was on a planned visit to London in which I wanted to use my wings and get some pics of me in the London underground.

    Unfortunately I was halfway to London by the time I realised that I had left the stupid wings at home, not wanting to let the photographer down I decided to find some while in London.  This lead to 5 hours of walking around Camden Market (my legs still hurt) for an entire day and buying even more stuff that I didn’t really need, including an amazing dress and a walking stick with a big silver knob on the end.  What I couldn’t find anywhere was a big pair of wings, only a much smaller stumpy pair.

    Heyho I am sure everything will get used in some future photoshoots.

    Anyway my hubby (who was there but relegated to minding the bags) took some cool BTS pics and filmed the reactions of some of the passers-by.

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