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    Alcohol and eBay…

    Zariel / March 29, 2016 / Modelling, Randomness

    A few weeks ago I made a bit of an error in judgement…

    I made the very big mistake of going onto eBay after a couple of glasses of wine and am now the (dubiously) proud owner of set of 4 foot tall strap on black angel wings.

    So far I have had a few people tell me it will be awesome.

    Another few contact me asking if I wanted to do a joint shoot with them (also models) of these responses came from a lovely model who also had a collection of weapons and as it turns out is 6’2″ (I’m 5’4″), I told her it would end up becoming an elf/hobbit shoot.

    I also got a message from another model who just wanted to thank me for making her laugh so much.

    With that in mind I decided to share my actual purchases with you all.

    • 1 set of 4 ft angel wings
    • Ann Summers Lingerie
    • 2 vintage style hats, one has polka dots (I freaking hate polka dots)
    • A set of vintage hatpins
    • a wig display head
    • 3 vintage style dresses
    • 5000 random sized/coloured body gems (no glue)
    • vintage style gloves
    • a HUGE hat box

    I learned a few things from my experience

    1. Drunk me apparently has better taste than sober me – I hate polka dots but everyone loves the polka dot dress on me.
    2. Drunk me is WAYYYY more optimistic than sober me – all of the dresses were bought a size smaller than what I ware and they ALL FIT!
    3. I am even more random than I ever realised.  Wings, body jewels and vintage clothing?!?! That’s one helluva mix!

    The funny thing about all of this is that I haven’t used half of the stuff I bought and I already have some amazing images already.


    Red Dress, Location, Luggage, Pin-Up, Station Platform, Steam Train, Hat

    Pinup Pam

    Glamour, Gloves, Hat, Lipstick, Location, Pin-Up, Polka Dot, Vintage, Waiting Room

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