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    5 steps to getting the best from your model

    Zariel / March 30, 2016 / Modelling

    After spending the entire bank holiday alternately walking around London and collapsing into a heap and waiting for the pain in my feet to stop I FINALLY got around to reading a blog post by the stunning Siopa Rin (OMGHerHairIsPerfectIWantIt) that I have been trying to read since last week, it was an enjoyable read and full of advice.

    One of my favourite parts is this…

    If I had a pound for every photographer who shoots full-length images from standing… Anyway, could you stop it? I’m a touch under 5ft 9, but there’s a whole load of images of me on the internet looking like a 5ft 9 body stuck on 5ft 1 legs, and I look ridiculous. What’s the point of having an elegant, giraffe-like creature in front of you with legs up to her chin if you’re going to make her look like a midget? Stop it!

    Source: 5 steps to getting the best from your model – Sinopa Rin

    OK so Rin may be a “giraffe-like creature” but at only 5’4″ I really am not, get I regularly get referred to as both a midget and a hobbit and that’s without pictures of me taken from the wrong angle coming into play.  With those pictures I look more like a stump or possibly a LOTR type dwarf.

    Another really good point is having the photographer show the back of the camera while we work, I generally can’t tell how the photographs will look once they are edited (personally I need to see them on a larger screen to get any idea) but it really helps for me to see the images so I can tell what I need to do to help improve the quality of my work.

    Anyway the article is a great read for both models and photographers so take a look 🙂

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